R.U.S.E. is a strategy game in real time on PC that takes us in full World War II, through 23 missions of increasing difficulty. The title is based on a traditional system of resource acquisition and construction of units, but introduced the concept of "tricks" powers to obtain information or otherwise, to deceive the enemy. The game also offers a multiplayer mode complete, supported by a system of leagues and gain experience points.

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The campaign began in April 1945, with a reference to a spy called Prometheus. The identity of the latter is unknown. The game is returned two years earlier, in North Africa, where it meets the Major Joseph Sheridan takes control of the 1st Armored Division of the U.S. Army. Sheridan during his missions that lead in Italy, France, the Netherlands, Belgium and finally Germany, often encounter difficulties facing the enemy knowledgeable about U.S. military plans through Prometheus . In April 1945, Sheridan promoted to Major General Campbell and his partner (the British intelligence service) find that Prometheus is actually Kate Garner, an attaché of the U.S. intelligence services (and German), met earlier in the history. It joins the Russians after the Nazi defeat, steals V2 rockets armed with nuclear warheads and set up a plan to invade Germany. Sheridan is opposed to this project, while avoiding a third World War.