Bang! Gunship Elite

Classic Game Room HD reviews BANG GUNSHIP ELITE for Sega Dreamcast from 2000. This 3D arcade style space ship flight action game was ahead of its time in the year 2000 but suffers from the limitations posed by the awkward Sega Dreamcast controller. You really need three hands to play this game properly because of the need to use the d-pad and analog stick at the same time. Regardless, Bang! Gunship Elite from Red Storm and Ubisoft can still be enjoyed today because of its low price and solid production values. While the game falls short of its potential and has been outdone by competing products in the decade after its release, Bang! Gunship Elite shows the power of the Sega Dreamcast which had a catalog of awesome looking games like this prior to the release of the Playstation 2. This CGR review of Bang! Gunship Elite on Sega Dreamcast has gameplay from Bang Gunship Elite showing Bang Gunship Elite gameplay on Sega Dreamcast from the year 2000.