Obviously, if you were talking about Spider-Man, Magneto or Sabretooth, immediately you'll identify them without any problems. They are part of the cast of superheroes that are often exported to the cinema and who are currently on the rise, if it identifies long last recently released (Iron Man 3, for example) films. However, either side of the villains (or heroes too), many of them are still in the dark and still not finally known as big fans of comics. Yet there is a well Activision spotted and decided to set our hands consoleux. By far, this is true, it looks like Spider-Man, his bright red suit attesting. But approaching a little and especially listening, no doubt, this is not the kind that Peter Parker's hiding under there. Deadpool, on the contrary, the antithesis of Spiderman, its negative. Parker is the hand on the heart, while Deadpool is rather hand in your face. This is the type barred and totally rude, who has faith in nothing and respects no one. And finally it is here that it becomes endearing and he deserves just as much as the others, to know its heyday.

Blades, guns, class: Deadpool
This tendency to make fun of everything and behave like a marmoset, entry is found in the prologue of the game From the intro, seen slumped on the couch balanced in the middle of an apartment where the woman household abandoned the idea to set foot. It is there, quiet, scratching ostensibly genitals while uttering a few insults to the TV commentator. Because yes, we forgot to tell you, the peculiarity of Deadpool is that he is aware of being part of a video game, and when it does not comment on everything he does, he will address purely and just the player (in the theater, the screen is called the imaginary fourth wall). A fun interaction and especially releasing a stamp that really differentiates this title from other beat'em all. Any other game for that matter. Before leaving for the first mission, we still wanted to know if the developers have pushed the delirium of character at its peak. So, click on all the possible interactions of the apartment. Geek at his PC that submits its updated CV to guy sitting on the toilet we touting the benefits of burritos on the digestive tract, Deadpool will spare us no shot. And yet, it is not talking about the scene where he is preparing pancakes, or that of the pizza (still leave some surprises hot). The most amazing thing in all this is that even after twenty minutes, his monologue never turn loop proof that High Moon Studios has really worked the character. More than the game can be.

"Do not ever call me Leonardo!"
On the ground, stamped happy be as expressive qu'expéditif. Deadpool is a classic beat 'em all in a 3D environment, with waves of enemies to knock. Seen fairly quickly in this part that takes place in a building, both graphically and in terms of level design, nothing to jump to the ceiling level imagination. But the hero holds the screen so its incessant valves that interest in the game going almost secondary. However, this does not diminish the pleasure to develop this barjot and twirling in the air to make combos of patients, and clear an area in two seconds. Nervous and enjoyable for a very simple and fast gameplay grip body to body, ultimately it is nice from time to time. So, from the first packs can make some beautiful sequences hammering a button or two, no more. To diversify a little action, Deadpool will also have the possibility of drawing two big guns for gunfights which, again, invent nothing but merit boost things a little. To find bullets, do not worry, you will recover the body. You can not miss them, they are not represented a floating icon. Moreover, speaking of that, it should also be noted that this will be upgradable arsenal. By collecting a maximum of items in the different levels, you can go do some shopping in the armory. Buy mines and grenades are also good advice, especially when it comes to face the bosses such as the gatling that runs after you in the lobby. Damn as a classic beat'em all Deadpool does not pretend to be a benchmark in the genre. More influenced by the personality of the hero, self-deprecating, replicas as vulgar as funny, the game manages through this big gain to take us further than certainly would have done any other way. Play the game from Activision is to accept to have in your hands a simple game and unpretentious, but with a great atmosphere and a character that really deserves to emerge from the shadows.

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