Total War : Rome II

Total War series never stops to return to the sources and it is not nearly tired fans. After offering us a little back in feudal Japan with Total War: Shogun 2, The Creative Assembly is now attacking another period has been delighting fans of strategy. The first Rome Total War is indeed an episode that has the strongest players. Get out of your closet praetorian helmet, a legion awaits your orders and shows a willingness to expand the frontiers of the Roman republic.

  • You will see the country, they said

The map has large air ...
Total War: Rome II focuses specifically on the events located between the First Punic War and the beginning of the Empire. Good thing this is a period of expansion for Rome and is therefore suitable for us to travel. This is an opportunity to see that the general map of the country has once again been carefully. It is vast, almost four times larger than the map of Shogun 2, and it includes some really different parts of their culture and climate. As a reminder, at the height of his glory, Rome controlled almost all of Europe and the Mediterranean basin, but also much of the Middle East. In short, your expansionist ambitions will undoubtedly opportunities. This may be a detail, but the landscape of this map were worked to transcribe in a glance ambiance to each country. Vegetation will not be the same, the architecture of cities will also be different. In short, the small side management becomes even more enjoyable in these conditions.

  • More extensive political aspects

We do not have the opportunity to dwell on all the news of this album that seem to deepen its management aspect, we prefer to focus on the policy takes on a prominent place. In fact, you will not only manage diplomacy with foreign nations, but also the balance of power even within the Republic. The presentation has allowed us, for example to know the three great Roman houses that take late. For you to balance the power relations favoring one by marrying your daughter to shoot another or even adopting a child of a third. A rival in your way? You can try to corrupt or even kill it outright. CAUTION: This may be a spiteful hair if the maneuver fails ... It reached a level of complexity that gradually approach that of the production of Paradox Interactive. Also note that the title now has a small appearance in the RPG progression system: units continue to take individual braids in combat, but the armies as a whole can now grow, develop special skills, and keep them even if all the fighters pass the bucket. This is sort of the general who learns new techniques and is able to use raising a new army.

  • On the battlefield

We can now land the troops in battle.
This presentation of Total War: Rome II was particularly dense but it also gave us the opportunity to get their hands dirty during a small battle in Egypt. We have found that the reliefs were indeed more than ever a strategic importance of size: the Egyptians were located in a defensive position on top of a rather steep hill and had a distinct advantage over the Romans placed below. The only chance for them not to be trampled by elephants, decimated by triggerfish or push by the tanks was all around. They also had a small fleet capable of landing ground units and then take the Egyptians setbacks. It is indeed one of the novelties of this album, just start a fight near vessels that they find themselves directly in battle. In this case, we had to manage by both the troops who fought on the hill and ships maneuvered into the Nile. Suffice to say that Rome II is not finished tickle all strategists grass.

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