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Monopoly Tycoon is a construction and management simulation PC game published in 2001.In Monopoly Tycoon, the player operates a business by owning businesses, apartments, and being landlord to blocks. The player earns income from selling products and services, housing people in apartments and hotels. Income is also generated from rent for any blocks that the player is landlord of, plus utilities and railroads.Monopoly Tycoon has the same set of blocks as the board game with an additional three. When a player is landlord of all blocks of the same colour, they are able to build hotels. In addition, being landlord of any property allows the player to build park space.As in the board game, there are railroads and utilities blocks that players can become landlord of and receive income from. To become landlord, there is an auction among the players with the property going to the highest bidder.

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