Creeper World 4

If global confrontations cause you a flurry of emotions — Creeper World 4, this game will allow you to control the far from the most stable situation in the solar system. The dark substance that is in it began to cause many problems. The task of the protagonist is to get rid of its negative influence, make every effort so that the small space base remains untouched. The player will take over the management of the space base to regulate different directions of energy and other resources. Do not assume that implementing all this will be extremely simple, it is not. Your hero will have to control all the flows of resources, as well as prepare for massive attacks on the enemy in order to completely destroy him. According to the plot, chemical attacks will become more and more, and therefore it is necessary to modify the line of defense and gradually achieve success. At each level, the attacks will be more and more serious, because of which even personal tactics will have to be invented.