Dungeons Of The Deep

Dungeons Of The Deep — every full moon, an unknown beast emerges from the depths of the Tomb of Mount Dipira. Wandering through the small village of Runa Belgorist, he seeks a new victim to ensure his own survival, unnatural appearance. The townspeople have hired a tramp who specializes in killing evil nocturnal animals. You must go to the tomb on Mount Deepira and kill the beast that terrorizes and kills people. Go through the dangerous dungeons in this first person dungeon finder. Fight with numerous monsters, each of which has its own attacks and forces. Fight them using an arsenal of weapons and magic, solving puzzles and finding ways to survive and escape from the dungeons. Many unique and long dungeons to explore. 13 weapons and magic to choose from to kill enemies. 32 unique and huge dungeon monsters to fight. Fully animated monsters, weapons and the environment.